Art Degree from Shymkent art school

1999-Shymkent, “Transdialog with Van Gogh” dedicated to the centenary of the death of the artist. 

Reporting Exhibition of the Center of Contemporary Art Soros, Kazakhstan (Almaty)

2002- Berlin, “Nomad’s land” exhibition 

2012-“Nomad” black and white series and “Autumn Cleaning” Performances “The Great Lyer”, Toray-proton.

2013- Singapore Biennale “If the World changed” 

2014 - Marker Art Dubai, Focus on Central Asia 

2015- Naphthalene, Has Sanat gallery 

2015 - 56th Venice Biennale « Protagonists. The Invisible Pavilion of Kazakhstan 

2015 - Art residence in Paris. Absurd Laboratory » project in a former Piere and Marie Curie laboratory 

2016 – Singular Plural Solo Show, National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2016 – Malus Sieversii Solo Show, Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2017 – Exhibition of 4 artists, Pop – Up Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan

2017 – National Pavilion, EXPO 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan


Askhat Akhmediyarov’s – solo show Malus Sieversii is named after the wild apples that gave the former capital of Kazakhstan its name: Almaty, or “Fatherland of Apples”.
For his solo-show in Dubai, Askhat Akhmediyarov has created a series of new works and site –specific installations where he mixes traditional symbols of his native soil to show Kazakhstan in transition.
Askhat Akhmadiyarov has an outstanding art vision and interjects his own multifaceted personal identity into his work. His evocative, and metaphorically charged imagery investigate issues of his country caught between two worlds. Askhat Akhmediyarov’s practice plays on various forms of modernity — television, consumerism, urbanisation — into "traditional" Kazakhstan.
Artist is just two months fresh from his first museum show Singular Plural, in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan where the artist included the works of last 4 years: performances, photography, installations, videos and paintings.