Born 29th of April, 1970 in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Design course, Publishing Training Center, London, U.K. (1998)

Degree in Design (with Honors) at Almaty State Academy of Architecture & Construction (1990-96)

Master of Art Criticism, Kazakh National University of Arts (2013)


2015: Steppe Pastoral, plastic bags public art project, American university of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 

Bride plastic bags public art project, ARTBATFEST, Almaty, kazakhstan

«How Big is Big?» Tedx Astana, art project and talk, Astana, Kazakhstan

«45..» solo exhibition, Art Samal gallery, Almaty, kazakhstan

2014: Cellophane painting solo exhibition, Artspace gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

«Cultural value…?» Solo exhibition, B2A Project, Essentai Mall, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2013 : KUANYSHTYN SAULESI, Eastern Kazakhstan State museum of Arts, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

2012: I'M KAZAKH exhibition to the Independence Day, Kazakh Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia

WAX-ENGRAVING, Has Sanat gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan  

SOLO SHOW IN L.E.S., L.E.S. space, Almaty, Kazakhstan 

2011: I'M KAZAKH,  Russkiy Mir gallery, Paris, France 

KAZAKH CHRONICLE, ??????? ???, ??????, ?????????

I'M KAZAKH,  Has Sanat gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan  

2010: I’M KAZAKH, Central Exhibition hall, Direction of Art Exhibitions and Auctions of Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, Almaty

2007: BUSES AND BUSSTOPS, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty, 

2006: With K. Bazargaliev: KUANYSHTYN SAULESI-5, sponsored by Deloitte &Touche, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty

2005: ASIA ALIVE program, Asian art museum, San Francisco, USA

KAZAKH: PAINTINGS BY SAULE SULEIMENOVA, Townsend Center, Berkeley University, USA

KAZAKH CHRONICLE, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty

2004: KUANYSHTYN SAULESI-4, Central Exhibition Hall, Almaty, Kazakhstan 

2003: ABOUT LOVE, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty

2002: KUANYSHTYN SAULESI-3, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty 

MY WAY, Capital Real Estate, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2001: KUANYSHTYN SAULESI, Capital Real Estate, Almaty

2000 : KUANISHTIN SAULESI, Tengri Umay gallery, Almaty

1998: Project IN THE STYLE OF MAKINTOSH, SOROS Center of Contemporary Arts, Almaty

FLOWERS, ULAR gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

1997: LOVE& POWER, ULAR gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan

1996: TRIP OF THE THREE ANGELS, MINOY gallery, Phillip Morris company, Almaty

Saule Suleimenova (Almaty, Kazakhstan) undertakes a very personal research of identity where she follows an impulse present in her native land to reinvent itself within the context of its ancient roots, going back to pre-Soviet and even pre-Islamic cultures.

AstanaLine #11 is about tense relations between a human being and nature, and the nostalgia for vast steppe spaces and nomadic past. S.Suleimenova works is in medium of manipulated photography where she physically combines images sourced from XIX century ethnographic photos with urban graffiti that contain text, scribbles or abstract shape. Her artworks signal the disaccord between the desire to return to the tradition and the realities of current life. Throughout her work S. Suleimenova pinpoints the tension of opposites and pose more questions than answers about her layered view of Kazakh-ness.