1962 – Born in Fergana, Uzbekistan


1985 – Bobruisk College of Fine Arts


1986 – Artists of Fergana, Tashkent

1988 – National exhibition, Moscow

1989 – Arte Russo, Rome, Italy

1989 – Exhibition of artists from Uzbekistan, Delhi, India

1991 – White Hall Gallery, New York, USA

1992 – Solo show, State Art Museum, Samarkand

1997 – Museum of Applied Arts, Tashkent

2001 – First International Biennale, Tashkent

2002 – The Great Silk Way, World Bank Gallery, Washington, USA

2003 – Second International Biennale, Tashkent

2003 – Solo show, State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

2004 – Video Art Festival, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2005 – Third International Exhibition of Biennale, Tashkent

2005 – Constellation, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Tashkent

2006 – Caravan Saray International Exhibition, Tashkent

2006 – Moscow International Art Salon, Moscow

2007 – Constellation PS, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Tashkent

2007 – 52nd Venice Biennale, Central Asia Pavilion, Italy 2

2007 – Contemporary art exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan

2008 – Solo show, Manifest of Fractal Realism, National Gallery of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

2008 – 3rd Beijing Biennale, China 2008 – Signs of Time, Tashkent

2008 – Boom International exhibition, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

2009 – The Second Dialogue, Moscow Biennale, Moscow

2011 – 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2014 – At the Crossroads 2, Selling Exhibition and Auction, Sotheby’s, London

2015 – Mixed Threads, Andakulova Gallery (previously Alif Art Gallery), Dubai

2015 – Topografica, group show, Bishkek Design Festival, American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

2015 – World Art Dubai, Andakulova Gallery (previously Alif Art Gallery), DWTC, Dubai

2016 – World Art Dubai, Andakulova Gallery (previously Alif Art Gallery), DWTC, Dubai Awards

2013 – Grand Prix at 7th International Biennale, Tashkent

Vyacheslav 'Yura' Useinov demonstrates a great mix of arts and crafts, and revives the traditions of weaving. By virtue of Useinov, textile artworks appear at the most recognizable and significant world auctions. Collectors and investors begin to show more of their interest in such works.
He works in various techniques, including unconventional chi and quilting (artistic stitching of flaps), as well as embroidery and carpet weaving. His visual language is influenced by the images that surround him everyday - from literature and cinema to his own illusions and nightmares.
In addition, Useinov is the author of his own philosophy - fractal realism. Fractals are repetitive geometric figures, changing their sizes but remaining similar to themselves.
Sometimes artworks of Useinov are accepted as a digital art but they are executed in the "old fashion" - brushes, paints, pencils. The artist follows the philosophical thesis: "Every atom must be made to the last degree of perfection and tension".