1986 - Born in Gulistan, Sirdaria region


2004 - 2008 - National Institute of Art and Design of Kamoliddin Bekhzod, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

Djabbarov has an experimental approach to creativity, styled in abstract form, making his pieces unique. The avant-garde artist is from Gulistan, the capital of the Sirdaria Province in eastern Uzbekistan. He studied Industrial Design at the National Institute of Arts and Design, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in 2008. After graduation Djabbarov joined the ‘5+1’ create art group at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan; going on to work as a trainer at the Republic College of Professional Design in 2013.

“I am elated to be hosting my first Middle Eastern exhibition at the Alif Art Gallery; and I look forward to showing my pieces to a completely new audience,” Djabbarov said.

The artist has exhibited around the world, holding his first solo exhibition ‘Light and Shadow’ at the Youth Creativity Palace (Fund Forum), Tashkent (the Uzbek capital), in 2013. Djabbarov also produces video art, with notable pieces including ‘The Unseen Town’, ‘Metamorphose’ and ‘Between Heaven and Earth’.