Born in 1893 - 1959


2011 –  Photography between Revolution and Tradition, Nailya Alexander Gallery, 

            New  York, USA

2007 – Retrospective, Gilbert Collection, London, UK

2006 – Max Penson (1893-1959). Photography, Galeev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2003 – Man and Machine, 1924-1944, Anahita Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

2003 – Photography 1925-1945, Musei Capitolini, Rome, Italy

2002 – Max Penson, Bibliothèque, Paris, France

2002 – Soviet Photography of 1920s/1930s, Wien Museum, Wien, Austria



“There cannot be many masters left who choose a specific terrain for their work, dedicate themselves completely to and make it an integrated part of their personal destiny. It is, for instance, virtually impossible to speak about the city of Ferghana without mentioning the omnipresent Max Penson who travelled all over Uzbekistan with his camera. His unparalleled photo archives contain material that enables us to trace a period in the republic's history, year by year and page by page" Sergei Eisenstein